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With your first listen, you’re hooked. This unassuming young artist brings a transformational sound that feels so right and good.

Irenie West captures the essence of simplistic calm. Her music entertains with a pure, unique sound. She has a form of soothing delivery and a way of holding to certain notes that enraptures and keeps you listening.

And reading her story gives you the 3D view you need to see how she came to be. With millions of phenomenal artists to choose from today, we think you’ll agree that Irenie has a rare ability to transform your state of mind.

Consider too that she’s also seeking a higher purpose with her music and what you’ve got is an artist who’s mission is to do more than entertain. She’s pursuing her talent to make a difference by touching lives only the way she can.

Here’s our interview, a glimpse into her world:

Irenie West:

ARTS ROW   You currently live in Southern California. How does living where you do influence your music and its style?

IRENIE  It’s not just where I live, but also the people I surround myself with. Each of them has a vision of their artistry and what influences me is their passion and stamina. It makes me want to work even harder and take any opportunity to evolve as an artist.

Irenie West sitting on a step
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ARTS ROW   Did you grow up in a family of musicians? What was it that helped you begin the journey of becoming a singer and playing a musical instrument?

IRENIE  Yes 🙂 I grew up in a very musical family. I didn’t start to explore my own talents though until the age of 11. My older brother has always been an inspiration to me. He is also a singer/songwriter and producer. He also plays piano. He’s so passionate about making new music that he took  a leap and moved to California for his dreams. That really pushed me to find myself more as an artist.

Irenie West singing to a small crowd at a small outdoor venue.
photo credit: Shingo Trees (@shingotrees IG)

ARTS ROW   How did your childhood shape your music and you as an artist?

IRENIE  My childhood shaped me as an artist because anything I experience throughout school, instead of reacting negatively I channeled that towards my music. For example, in middle school I was bullied a lot and didn’t feel accepted and I  expressed those feelings through my songwriting and that’s where I started to understand the value of it. I realized the impact it had in my life. The way it affected my mood, during school going from a regular class to choir class.

ARTS ROW   Have you had any training? If so, where did you go? If not, how did you get to where you are now? Did you seek out mentors or others for guidance? How have others helped you along the way?

Irenie West on the microphone singing to a small crowd at a small venue.
photo credit: Shingo Trees (@shingotrees IG)

IRENIE  In 2017 I was apart of this program called AMTC (Actors, Models and Talent for Christ). I was able to work with casting directors, actors and singers who taught me stage presence ,engaging audiences etc. At the end of the preparation we attended a showcase to promote our talents. I met amazing people such as Jeremy Castro, a singer-song writer who worked with records such as Columbia and Integrity music, specifically in areas of artist management, marketing and A&R. He challenged my mind and told to me to surround myself with people who will push me where I want to be. He and many others like my parents are a major support in my endeavors. My parents have always been there for guidance when it comes to the industry and how to be bold, yet protect myself in the music business. My brother is also a great mentor for me. He’s experienced many struggles in the industry. In through all of that he tells me everyday “I want everything to be set up for you the right way, I don’t want you deal with what I had” Which lead me to where I spend my time learning now is with “Dawty Music”

ARTS ROW   Where do you hope to be with your music in the next 3 years? 5 years? 10 years?

IRENIE   My hope in the next coming years is for my music to cross the nation. I would love to tour and meet new people and see my music in flims and commercials. I  also really enjoy working with youth and I pray within the next couple of years that my music lifts spirits and brings them back to a place of peace and love. I simply want to make a mark.

ARTS ROW   Are you collaborating with other musicians currently? Do you have plans to do any collaborations? Also, are you working with anyone to help produce your music?

IRENIE   Currently I am just working solo I hope to do collaborations in the future. I have been really into lyrical/contemporary dancers and poets. I would love to do a projects with them.I work with my big bro Preston Harris or Prestosings and Warren Kurtiss (Dawty Music).  They have written for artist  such as Ne-yo, French Montana and snoop dogg. They were behind all the amazing engineering of my music. They continue to teach me so much about the industry.

ARTS ROW   Where can we find you besides on Arts Row?

ARTS ROW   Just click this image to be taken to all of my hyperlinks powered by Link to any one of your favorite listening platforms. You’ll also find me on Instagram as @ireneiewest.

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