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The Stairs and Stars


Mixed Media Painting by Law Blank


As an advocate of storytelling, I cannot divulge my exact thoughts on this painting. However, it does have deep meaning for me, but could potentially have myriad different sparks for others. Whether it is imagination at it best, longing for a lost loved-one, dreams of the future, or an ominous present, the story will be told whether I define it or not.

I am particularly happy with the juxtaposition of the domestic warmth of the stairs, rug and dress, against that of the empty cold of the stair well or space, as it may be.

Our realities become dreams and sometimes vice-versa, however, the feelings tend to linger longer, the emotion fades slowly. Life continues no matter what our current moment might be, and for that, we should be eternally grateful.

Materials used:
acrylic, spray paint, vinyl lettering, rice paper


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