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The Space Between


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Ironically, the time in my life that I have stability, a beautiful family, love, and contentment, I choose to tackle the topic of alienation, loneliness, and abandonment. However, that would be just one interpretation of this painting. There is a line when longing turns into letting go, if one is lucky. My hopes are that no child has to feel separated from whatever provides them safety, security, and love.

This was a gloriously laborious work to create. Many layers and techniques to keep me busy. I am particularly fond of the negative space created for the lettering in this one.

For those confused by the boxes on the children’s heads…during the last solar eclipse, I build viewers out of boxes for the kids. You take a longer box, and cut a section for aluminium foil and tape it in. You poke a pinhole in the center and when positioned properly, you can see a projected image of the eclipse (so you don’t burn your eyes out). The kids were in the backyard and the image blew me away…grabbed a quick picture and knew it would make it into a painting.

This painting (57″ x 72″) is on canvas utilizing acrylics, spray paint, charcoal pencil, and glitter.


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