Temporal Boundary


Created In: United States (US)

Art or talent by : Patricia J Finley


Temporal Boundary – the boundary between here and there; between the “real” world and the spiritual world. An online dictionary defines Temporal Boundary as:
Of, relating to, or limited by time: a temporal dimension; temporal and spatial boundaries. 2. Of or relating to the material world; worldly: the temporal possessions of the Church. 3. Lasting only for a time; not eternal; passing: our temporal existence.

These definitions all appeal to me for art is certainly of this world although each piece may have been generated ab initio by the Muse. Each piece of art lasts only for a time. Just as all human endeavors are, each piece of Art is not eternal. Each piece of Art has a life span and eventually, that life span passes. Only our very human sense of beauty is eternal.

Temporal boundary – the boundary between this world and the next.


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Abstract art in resin created for you. Collaboration with clients, interior designers and art consultants.

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