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    • Chicago City Dancers

      Hi! This group is made up of dancers in the Chicago area. We regularly post here about upcoming events, rehearsals, group meetups and the like. If you are a dancer in the area, please feel free to join and enjoy the fun times we are having! We support each other here and outside this forum and often post about openings for dancers, classes, and activities.

      We welcome you. Please check out our group guidelines below and we'll be seeing you inside!

      Group Administrator,


      We follow a strict set of rules (as per the Arts Row site guidelines) that include:
      1. No negative commenting
      2. No harassing, following or behaving inappropriately towards any members within or outside of this group format
      3. No selling of tickets, products or virtual/digital goods inside this group (Selling must take place on the site in your shop and not inside the group format)

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    • Paula Soito 1 year ago

    • Dallas Street Performers

      For any street performers living in the Dallas area, we invite you to join and support our group. We will be organizing pop-up performances in 2017 in and around Dallas with social media marketing to enhance and promote attendance at events. Join us and get involved today!

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    • Anonymous 1 week, 1 day ago

    • Musicians

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    • Anonymous 2 years, 5 months ago

    • Photography

      For photography enthusiasts. A group to share your photos, discuss techniques, digital photo technology, and talk about what inspires you. Everyone from amateur photographers to professionals is welcome to join!

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    • Anonymous 2 years, 5 months ago

    • This is the NEWEST Group

      This NEWEST Group is used for testing the "join" button. This is the description

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