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Image of painting, Sunflower Warrior Girl by Caroline Karp

Caroline Karp – Featured Artist

Caroline Karp, formally trained fine artist, sits down with me to give a personal and heartfelt look at her journey to becoming an artist. Her story is one of empowerment which is the central theme to her work.

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Anna Sweet Interview

Anna Sweet – Featured Artist

Anna Sweet is a visionary photographer and artist. Her work with the female form is transformed in beautiful underwater gems. She’s not only a master with the camera, but also with minerals, resin and paint. The results are stunning works that clients from around the world crave.

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Max Lehman Interview by Paula Soito

Max Lehman – Featured Artist

Fine artist, Max Lehman, shares his historical path into creative entrepreneurship.

His works are vibrant and full of true Americana vibe. Follow his story of inspiration and passion.

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