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However, the Featured Artist Application will be opening soon. Our Featured Artist segment helps turn  talent into profits. Being a Featured Artist is one way to grow bigger with Arts Row. Read how below.

Submissions will reopen this year, 2021, TBA! Get info once it’s available by subscribing to the Arts Row email list.

Get MORE eyes on your work as a “Featured Artist” on Arts Row.

Here are the benefits to becoming a Featured Artist on Arts Row:

The Benefits

1. Home Page Feature

Featured Artists are showcased on the Arts Row homepage. This is where people land first when they visit Arts Row. That means YOU get lots of attention. 

As a Featured Artist, you also have your own promoted article, written by us. And we display your feature article on our site permanently. 


“Hippolion” by one of our featured artists, Tomasz Rut.

Image of Hippolion by artist Tomasz Rut
Hippolion by artist Tomasz Rut FEATURED ARTIST on ARTS ROW


2. Followers, Networks and Email

In addition, your feature is sent to our growing email list. It’s also shared with our LinkedIn network of 25,000+ and Instagram and Facebook with combined 10,000+ followers.

Arts Row is growing. We now attract thousands of visitors online. With our latest established SEO practices, we’re drawing even more traffic. 

These visitors look for and enjoy reading about amazing artists like you. 

When people visit our Featured Artist articles, they’re shown a link to your content online.

You have the choice to use that link to send viewers to wherever you prefer – your website, your social media pages or other. 

That allows you the chance to show more people your work so you can turn your talent into profit.

Image of Arts Row Instagram


3. Opportunities

Featured Artists may also have the chance at being published in Art Market Magazine with a global readership of 50,000 or to be featured as a guest post on other sites. 

Art Market Magazine is distributed to Barnes & Noble stores and to Redwood Media Group art fairs across the U.S. The magazine also has a digital readership that spans the globe.

It is important to note that being published in Art Market Magazine is not guaranteed and is not part of the Featured Artist segment on Arts Row

However, with our connection to Art Market Magazine, it is a possibility as it has been for other artists throughout the years. The magazine publishes artist interviews and the Gold List for which you may apply.

Art Market Magazine is neither a subsidiary or any part of the Arts Row, Inc. company.


4. New Material

All Featured Artists are sent a PDF of their Featured Artist ArticleArtists typically use it to share with their email list, social followers and website visitors. 

They also share it with potential partners, collaborators, galleries, buyers and more.

Having your Featured Artist article is an added bonus for your own press kit or publicity materials. Strengthen your brand and establish a solid foundation of your expertise.

  Image of Arts Row Featured Artist Application Sample PDF 

Overall, from the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to doing whatever we can to support artists and creatives. 

In our heart of hearts, our wish for you is to grow your business into a successful and sustainable lifestyle using your talent.

We’re dedicated to serving you by providing as many free resources as we can in the form of guides, information, templates and biz growth articles.  

We only earn through ads, our registration fee, affiliate links and (upcoming) courses.


The Application

How to Apply for Featured Artist:

1. Read Our Guidelines  

Our application to become a Featured Artist is currently closed. Our next submission will be open this year, 2021, TBA.

Any artist 18 years of age and up from anywhere in the world is encouraged to apply.

Arts Row supports and promotes artists of all types.

While we have always attracted many visual artists, we feature artists in all of the following categories:

  • Craft Art
  • Fine Art
  • New Media Art
  • Performing Arts


Art mediums accepted include sculpture, drawing, clay, digital art, photography, collage, painting, mixed media, fiber, digital arts, wood crafting, paper crafting, printmaking, metal working, glass, music and singing. Write to us to inquire about other mediums.

The selection process is juried and we currently only accept 20 artists per quarter. Our juried selections are final.

Arts Row founder, Paula Soito, is a regular judge of the juried Gold List by Art Market Magazine. Her experience as a judge and her connections within the art world make the Arts Row Featured Artist juried selection a solid choice for your career.

Arts Row’s Featured Artists are chosen by a jury that collectively collaborates once they’ve reviewed your online content.

The content can come from your website, social media, other publications, press releases, blog posts, guest blog posts, printed press, and so on.

We feature artists only once and do not accept applications from formerly featured artists.

At the time of application, there is a $19 nonrefundable application fee.

All artists who apply will be notified of the results of their submission by email within two weeks of the closing date (TBA).

The only fee for artists is the application fee. We never charge anything else for further promotion or press. 

If you are accepted, you must submit your written content and images for the feature within two weeks of acceptance. 

In accordance with the law and with the Arts Row policies, artists must affirm that all works they submit are their own original work.

Artists agree to permit Arts Row, Inc. and Paula Soito to display the content and images in the article that will be published on artsrow.com as well as elsewhere for promoting the article on email and social media, for example. 

Artists always retain sole copyright of their work and images and Arts Row never receives commissions for sales that may result from these promotions.

2. Fill out and Submit the Application 

Once the submission window opens, you’ll be notified via email. Then, fill out the application. 

The jury selection process will begin and you’ll be notified of results. 

That’s it!


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