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On the day that I graduated Kindergarten, my dad gave me my first camera. It was a Kodak Instamatic, with flash bulbs, and it took C126 film. I have since wondered what would ever cause an adult to hand a brand new camera over to a six year old kid. But photography bloomed quickly into a passion for me. I have produced work for magazines, restaurants, books, CD and DVD covers, musicians' live action, still production photos for films, custom art in hotels and vacation homes, actors' headshots, theatre promotions, weddings, and more. Folks have asked what kind of photographer I am. Until recently, a good answer had always eluded me. A friend, after viewing some of my work, dubbed me a photographer of life. That seems to sum it up very well. Rather than limit myself to a single category, I celebrate my passion for life by taking pictures of whatever attracts my attention. From stark black and white photos of old buildings, to ocean sunrises bursting with color, and everything in between, it is my joy to share with you … life, through my lens.

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Melody McBride

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