grow your talent into profits with the right tools.

Below are a few “must have” tools for artists and creatives. These can help you run and grow your talent into a thriving art business. Turn your skills into bigger profits with the right software. 

These are tools we love and use ourselves. We only recommend what we believe in and think you’ll love too. Disclaimer: some of our links lead to affiliate websites. At no cost to you, we may receive compensation for sharing these or if you decide to buy. This also helps us run Arts Row.

our (current) top RECOMMENDATIONS

Need the right tools for success?

Here are 4 platforms we currently recommend:

#1 Best Design Platform -

We use Canva daily (for real) to create just about everything with ease. Over the years they've continued adding features and templates and the creation process flows well. There are tons of templates making it easy and fast to create professional looking designs. You can design completely custom social posts, flyers, infographics, business cards and a whole lot more. Even create ebooks, email banners, and so on. It's our favorite design platform and it never fails to meet our needs whether it's something simple or complex. Try it free.


#1 Best Design Market - Envato Elements

Envato Elements is another fantastic place for design. And since it's a marketplace "powered by a community of independent designers", you're helping support fellow artists when you use Envato Elements. There are over 3 million digital assets to explore such as photos, fonts, graphics, add-ons and templates for everything from websites to presentations. You'll find a ready-to-use element for ANY creative need. You can get Envato Elements for $16.50 per month with unlimited downloads.

#1 pick

#1 Best Domain & Site Builder -

You may be surprised at our recommendation here and wonder why we aren't suggesting other well-known services such as GoDaddy and Blue Host. While those are good alternatives, wins in several 2020 side-by-side consumer reviews on sites like and While the Arts Row domain was established through Blue Host, we feel is a great choice for its ease of use, features and pricing. Why not check it out and decide for yourself. If you already have a domain, there are still plenty of features you can use with this platform.
Site + Domain

#1 Best Mockup Software - by Placeit

If you haven't heard of it before, Placeit is the best way to do mockups of your work on anything from iPhones, Macs, and clothing to billboards. Ever wonder how people are creating those stunning professional looking mockups of their work for their websites, apps and more? Placeit is how. They also have templates for video, business cards, social stories and posts, slide shares, and much, much more. Use their simple click and drag system. No design or video editing needed. It's worth checking out in our humble opinion. 🙂

#1 mockup

More recommended tools and software are on the way.

In the mean time, here are some

free guides...

The Lean (Art) Startup Canvas:

Since art business, like the tech startup, is made of a small team (usually one person), with little to no startup capital and it requires key developments to succeed, I knew the lean startup model used by tech startups could apply to you too.

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7 Steps to an Epic Art Brand:

We want you to be EPIC, not meh. Review these 7 steps so you’ll shine like a star. There’s nothing and no one who can compare to you. Let’s make sure everyone else knows it too. Your talent should be seen and it should be earning you a living.

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