How to Sell Art on eBay (Make Money in 2021)

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If you’re an artist, selling online is a huge benefit. Especially if you want to scale. One of the many ways to do that is to sell art on eBay and leverage their HUGE traffic resource. Once you set it up right, it can work for you while you get busy doing your craft.

7 Bad Business Practices Mark Cuban Would Quit Now


Business advice is everywhere. But the power comes when we take lessons from those who’ve made monumental leaps. It’s the people nothing into ultra success. Learn some lessons from Mark Cuban’s catapult into entrepreneurial success.

Ultimate Digital Art Marketing 101: General Terms

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Marketing your artwork or creations MUST include digital these days. But it takes some know-how.

Learn the general terms you need by using this Ultimate Digital Art Marketing 101 Guide. Turn your talent into bigger profits by nailing down your digital marketing.

How to Prep Your Art Business for the 2020 Holidays

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Even as shops in your area open back up for the rush of sales they’re hoping to get, there’s proof that shopping has forever changed. With that said, take these 14 tips to prep your art business so you can be ready for this holiday season.

Lean Art Business Canvas 2021

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Turn your talent into more profits in 2021. Use the Lean (Art) Business Canvas to plug in your own metrics and categories.

12 Parts to a Successful Visual Artist Press Kit

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Your artist or creator press kit is a curated collection of content that defines you. So, make it count! There are 12 parts to a successful visual artist press kit. Your experience, education, background, achievements, awards, and more should be inside. Putting it together right, is ULTRA important.