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Welcome to our place!

Let us tell you about ARTS ROW…

In a few words, Arts Row was built to help local, independent artists turn their talent into bigger profits (but there’s a bit more to the story). That’s why it’s best told in two parts.

You see, our goals haven’t changed (and they never will), but our platform has. To learn about Arts Row and our deep love for the artists we serve, reading both lets you know us best.

  • The New Arts Row
  • The Original Arts Row



Hi there!

Arts Row was founded by Paula Soito and she still runs it along with hired and volunteer independent artists, freelancers, friends and family. 

Arts Row may be small, but the goal is to make a big difference.

Here's how:


Artists make the world a better place. And according to us, that's the biggest understatement ever made.

Just imagine a life without books, paintings, photographs or music.

That's why it's our mission to help independent artists grow their talent into a sustainable and profitable lifestyle. One that allows them to continue to use their gifts to enrich our world.


Artists are entrepreneurs.

They don't have a team of people to help them run a successful business.

But being successful requires a lot of work. You need marketing, emailing, PR, sales, accounting, networking, outsourcing and more.

And because artists use the creative process to produce their products, it takes a lot of skill, time, effort and deep thought compared to other types of products or business models.

That means that with the daily chore of running and growing a business, artists are left with less time to use their talent to create their works or performances.


Since we know artists aren't like other entrepreneurs, then we know they need something different.

They need business growth that specifically supports the creative process and takes into consideration the true value of their talent.

Arts Row offers business growth guides, how-to's, courses and reviews thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the creative.


Many generic, small business sites have tools and guides that are just as useful.

But with Arts Row, there is no sifting through advice that doesn't pertain to the artist.

We only provide business growth for the creative entrepreneur.

If you have ideas on the new ways we can help, please drop us a line. We'd love to hear!

As always, we wish you all the best. Cheers!



(This is our About page circa 2014 when we began as a marketplace. We've added it here to give you a glimpse into our heart, our history, and our passion. We hope to bring the marketplace back.)


Arts Row was built out of respect for artists everywhere. For the known and unknown, the trained and self-taught. For all who tirelessly dedicate themselves to honing their craft.

Because of them, our lives are simply better.

Like most of you, we love to buy from artisans and quality craftsmen where we live. We attend local performances too because we’re proud of where we’re from and the people who share our zip code.

We do it because we believe great art doesn’t have to come from far away.

But if you’re as much like us as we think, then you get frustrated trying to find them. So, Arts Row was created to make it easy to find more of the art and talent you love nearby.

Here are some points that tie it together.


Where do you go these days to find what you’re looking for?

We’re betting you said the Internet and statistics say that’s true. The problem is, it takes valuable time to sift through pages of results to find who or what you want, even when it’s local.


So, we’ve fixed the pain of ’search and find’ for artists and the people around them by giving them a place to come together.

We make it easy for anyone to discover, share, and promote nearby art and talent.


We know one of the biggest challenges for artists is finding the time and money it can take to reach their audience. And that’s our whole reason for being.

Artists work hard to create and it’s often in their spare time.

So, we’ve made it our mission to ease the burden of marketing for them. 

We help artists build their fan base, following and income by showcasing their artwork and talent for free.

Now anyone can find, buy, and experience more of what they love from their favorite local artists without hassle.

Thanks for reading about Arts Row

If you’re looking for our policies, you’ll find them here:

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Want to read all of our polices or get in touch with us? Check them out on our policies page. 

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