120+ Best Business Blogs for Creatives (Who Want To Kill It In 2021)

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Find all the best business blogs for creatives. Learn new methods and get inspired! Find blogs with content on how to market and sell right here on the biggest list web-wide.
Best Business Blogs for Creatives

Where to find the best business blogs for creatives?

Whether you’re just starting out as an artist or you’ve been giving it a go for years now, we all need business growth and inspiration. 

It’s essential to “scaling your skill”, as we say around here.

It took quite some time, but this is the most comprehensive list of the best business blogs for creatives on the internet today. 

It is no particular order since 

While we did tons of research to find business blogs for artists, it would be impossible to include everything. So, if you love something that isn’t included, please share it below in the comments!

This is a long list. Bookmarking this page  easy reference.

The 2021 Ultimate List of Best Business Blogs for Creatives

The list is organized into these 9 categories: art, entrepreneurship, startup, growth, marketing, sales, website building, freelancer and finance.

You can jump to the content you want using the article segments below.

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Best Art Blogs


The best place to start is on the EXPLORE page (click above to see it now). From their Art Camera, 360 Videography and Experiments to Categories, Collections and Highlights, there is something one the explore page for everyone. They’re on a mission to preserve the world’s art and culture so anyone, anywhere will be able to access it.


Frieze is not only a blog, but publications, fairs and forums. Their publications consist of frieze magazine, Frieze Masters Magazine and Frieze Week. They also include four international art fairs, Frieze London, Frieze LA, Frieze New York and Frieze Masters. In addition, they have regular talks and summits led by frieze editors and last but not least, frieze.com. Frieze describes its company as the definitive resource for contemporary art and culture.


Booooooom is another art news site we stream here on the Arts Row News page. Founded in Canada by an artist from Vancouver, it has grown to become a “go to” contemporary art scene site. They highlight emerging artists.


The Jealous Curator was founded by Danielle Krysa in 2009.  Danielle is an artist herself who’s written books and is host of her own podcast, Art for Your Ear, where she doles out the scoop on what’s happening in the lives of contemporary artists. Her site features a list of curated artists.


Garage is a compilation of art, fashion, magazine, architecture, life and design by parent company, VICE. Its magazine is issued biannually and its blog is noteworthy. 


The Artists Network is for any artist at any stage of their career and any level of commitment from hobby to full-time artist. The Artist Network offers fun art projects, easy art hacks, DIY for beautifying your world and getting creative, plus basic to advanced techniques.


Artwork Archive is a place to find many helpful tips and guides for managing and marketing your art. Like us, they teach you how to grow your art business. In addition, collectors can learn how to organize and catalog their collections as well as protect them. Artwork Archive can also advise you on how to build a gallery too.


Colossal is one of the news feeds we stream here on Arts Row. It’s a contemporary arts (international) platform for visual expression and artwork. You’ll find works of art, design, craft, and photography as well as artist interviews.


Artsy Shark was started by Carolyn Edlund. She shows you how to improve your craft and build an art business. Features hundreds of articles on how artists can support themselves off art as well as in-depth artist interviews.


On EmptyEasel, you’ll find art business advice by artists. Read the blog for general art advice, selling art online and marketing tips. art tutorials. You can also discover better ways to market your pieces through social media or online.


The Design You Trust blog shares advice on how you can become a better artist. It’s about art entertainment and inspiration showing people being creative. They cover photography, architecture, design, inspiration, travel and tech.


Juxtapoz is an art magazine site that covers a multitude of arts – painting, photography, music, street art, illustration, design, graffitti, installation, film, sculpture, textiles, books, collectibles, pop life, fashion.  Juxtapoz is an art magazine that depicts underground arts. This urban magazine also features events, Juxtapoz projects, Juxtapoz radio and a shop. Check out their podcasts and videos showcasing artists.


For the artist, like you, looking to make your passion into a business, Artrepreneur is another good resource. Learn to sell your art, build your portfolio, enter competitions, find a job or simply enhance your resume. Artrepreneur is another good option.


Artforum is an art blog by Artforum Magazine based out of New York. The Artforum blog features works by current artists and reviews. You can purchase merchandise and other artworks through their platform as well as get access to links of current and archive issues. Artforum produces quite a lot of content with a minimum of 7 posts each day. Their blog has a massive following on Instagram and Twitter.


Cass Art is a United Kingdom site/blog. Coming out of London, Cass Art has the goal of inspiring new artists. Their blog is aimed at helping artists with many “how to” posts. The blog began in 2012. On their website, you’ll find art supplies under painting, drawing, craft and much more. They also post info on art workshops in England.


Artspace is where you want to go to see one of the world’s best contemporary artworks for sale online. They feature works by internationally acclaimed artists as well as those who are just beginning their careers. Also provides free advice on how to better build collections or sell art. They offer a large selection that varies from prints and paintings to sculptures and photographs..


Communication Arts was founded in the late fifties. This magazine is both online and in print. They have issues for advertising, design, illustrations, interactive, photography and typography. If you are an art director, graphic designer, advertising agency, corporate design agency, illustrator, photographer or other visual communication artist, you may want to check out Communication Arts.


This site was founded by Regine Debatty. Her posts explore the crossroads of art, technology, science, and social issues. Her audience is artists, designers, and hackers and she recently created A.I.L. (Artists in Laboratories), a weekly radio program about the collaborations between art and science.


Hi-Fructose Magazine is an online and quarterly print art magazine site founded by artists, Attaboy and Annie Owens in 2005. They feature artworks that transcend trends and genre. They provide original and informative contemporary works from emerging and established artists. Their content informs trends in mainstream media including film, fashion and design. They pride themselves in going “beyond the comfort zone of the “alternative” norm to deliver a diverse cross section of the most influential, genre bending art of our time”.


Jackson’s Art is a marketplace for painting supplies. The Jackson’s Art Blog provides art product reviews, artist interviews, features and editorials and tips on improving your craft. The editorials go over how you can grow your business on digital platforms.


Artweb is a website where artists can get their own web presence. Their blog is designed to offer advice on how you can start your website, advance your art career and sell more art. They share “how-to’s”, interviews, events & reviews and resources.


Art Biz Success was started by Alison Stanfield. Her blog centers around confidence, working with galleries, growing your art business and more. She believes success means different things to different artists. You can join her community of artists and get help defining what success means to you. Alison is an art business coach.


Stories published by and for creators covering everything from one’s artistic experience to how to run an art-based business better. Articles are typically short and easy to read.


The Abundant Artist helps artists make a living from their art. They help artists with art business courses, the ability to access a community of artists, and with their individual coaching sessions through Skype.


This online and print magazine is based out of Australia and it’s one that covers art, craft, photography, design, music, film, books and more. Frankie blog includes a podcast too with the latest content published by them. Since Frankie Magazine has an extremely broad arts range that interests numerous art enthusiasts. The publication was founded in 2011 by Louise Bannister and Lara Burke. They’re not just stopping at their magazine. They’ve published cookbooks like Afternoon Tea and Sweet Treats, an interiors publication SPACES, diaries, calendars, a DIY book called, “A Little Bit Crafty”, a stationery line, an anthology, “Something to Say”, and a coffee table book, “Look What We Made”. Shop their products like diaries, calendars, books, and printed issues of the Frankie magazine.


The Making a Mark art blog is for artists and art lovers alike. While mainly geared to the UK, you’ll find news about major art competitions, interviews with artists and techniques and tips for art and business.


Displate is a metal poster company that turns your works of art into a beautifully designed metal poster that hangs in 20 seconds with no damage to your walls. The Displate blog gives tips to artists on how you can improve your craft and workflow. They also share information on how to sell art better.


Fine Art Views offers free art marketing lessons daily and is connected to FASO (Fine Art Sales Online) a platform that allows artists to set up and automate much of their online presence with a beautiful website. Fine Art Views shares tips and tricks on how to improve your art business, mainly through the power of marketing.


Founded in 1997 by an art consultant, adviser, and independent appraiser, Art Business is a site that gives advice to artists on improving their entrepreneurship. They also give advice to collectors on how to better invest in art. This site is partly funded by a long list of donors as well.


Artfinder is a site not only for finding what is trending in the art community but they also provide the latest news and inspiration for artists. They feature an artist of the month and give back to the world in different ways. Artfinder is a marketplace as well where you can buy and sell art.


Frame Destination was started in Texas by Mark and Joely Rogers. This online store has everything frame related. Their mascot, Artie the Panda, can be seen in his own blog feed and throughout their social posts. The site promotes framing innovations and high-quality frames. They help customers save time finding quality, archival frames. They’ve become one of the world’s top online resources for your framing needs.


LightSpaceTime is an online art gallery. They help artists who are new gain experience in art shows. Artists can join to get more exposure on their site, and visitors can buy directly from artists on LightSpaceTime.


Renee Phillips is a director and curator from New York. She mentors artists to help them reach their goals. Her site has artist interviews, helpful blog posts, and not only ebooks on how artists can grow, but also a section for selling your own art ebook.


The Very Private Gallery offers tips on how you can sell your art online. They also give advice for how artists can build their social media presence too.


On Artmine, you get resources for artists, art collectors, interior designers, art consultants, and others in the art business arena. The Artmine site features an online marketplace for buying art and featuring artists.        


Scene360 is a free online magazine devoted to covering art, tattoo, photography and cinema. They’ve received Webby Awards, Pixel Awards and many more. They have a strong bend toward tattoo art, but you’ll find a lot there. It’s an interesting site for sure – worth checking out.


StreetArtNews was started by Rom Levy as a way to show his devotion to urban art and “Art Geeks”. You can get the latest updates from the street art community as well as posts on exhibitions, lifestyle, retrospectives, videos and lisits. You can also buy art in the StreetArtNews store. Check out their articles and interviews about street art lifestyle.

Best Blogs by Entrepreneurs


Guy Kawasaki is someone you’ve most likely have heard of whose name now speaks for itself. He’s recently become a huge advocate for Canva (as are we), an online graphic design platform. He’s the author of 13 books, which can be found detailed on his blog. Take a look for yourself and get the advice you need to grow a better business.


You most likely have heard of The 4-Hour Workweek. Well, Tim Ferriss is the author. He continues to knock it out of the park with his management and leadership blog posts. for many years. Learn everything from technology to productivity from Tim.


Derek Sivers, an eclectic wanderer, may just have some info you find profound. He’s an interesting man with views contrary to most, but as an entrepreneur with a colorful history, you may want to take a look. He’s been a producer, circus performer, musician, TED speaker, and book publisher. Work for Derek is play. He’s found what he loves and 12 hours of daily solitude working is simply his joy. See if you find what you need for your business inspiration on Derek’s blog.


I’ve personally followed Marie for years. Her story is a great one and so relatable. She’s self-made and the ultra optimist. Marie Forleo is truly “dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be.”

She offers free content and paid as well. Check out her library of business-related content from mindset to tactical practices.


While ConvertKit is an email marketing platform, it is also a blog. I will say up front that it is targeted at podcasters, service-based business owners, YouTubers, course creators and bloggers, but they’ve really honed in on how to teach people the art of making a living online. You can follow their posts by tags such as build your audience, creator stories, commerce, monetize your list, landing pages, and so on. It’s definitely worth looking at.


James Clear is a writer, entrepreneur, and travel photographer whose blog will help you get grounded as an entrepreneur. He’s been sharing his teachings for over a decade now on focus, creativity, decision making, habits, life decisions, productivity and self improvement. His goal is lifelong learning that increases the value of your work, your life and your creations.


I got to meet John Lee Dumas in 2019 and he’s an inspiration. John Lee Dumas chats with successful entrepreneurs. The blog adds to the podcast as it details what is covered in each episode. The Entrepreneur on Fire podcast is a daily broadcast where you’ll learn business tactics and know-how.


James Altucher is a well-known entrepreneur, angel investor, and writer who advocates for the solo entrepreneur. After starting 20 companies, 17 of which failed, James realized he only won when he put the bet on himself. Now, his podcast, The James Altucher Show, addresses investing, entrepreneurship, self-publishing, and the value of choosing yourself. It might just be worth your while.


This blog is by Ramit Sethi, a top blogger who learned the tricks of the trade by doing it himself. If you’re planning to monetize your online art presence, you’ll want to read his posts on business growth. He’s an entrepreneur and bestselling-author and his in-depth content shows you exactly how to use psychology and systems to increase your profits. Nearly all of his content is free making it a no-brainer. See if his posts help you monetize your small biz.


Best Startup Blogs


SCORE provides low-cost and free consulting services to entrepreneurs who need help growing their businesses or navigating the waters of small business. There are a ton of resources from understanding solopreneur taxes to freelancer liability.


For news, advice and tips for small business, Manta is a good online resource. They have services and products to help you be more competitive.Check out their webinars and free courses under “digital marketing” and “business”. Those will serve you best.


Need legal advice for your small biz? Some sites offer it, but you’ll have a hard time understanding any of what they’re saying. Not so with Nolo. Nolo is now one of the world’s leading online legal resources and they aim to uncomplicate the day-to-day legal side of running a small business. Nolo prides itself in giving readers great, free legal content on anything from how to structure agreements with independent contractors to starting an LLC. For any business legal advice, check out Nolo first.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve referred to WPBeginner as an entrepreneur starting my own tech biz, but it’s got to be hundreds by now. As a WordPress cheerleader, I can tell you that WPBeginner is a saving grace. WPBeginner is a beginner’s guide to WordPress. You’ll learn anything you need to know on how to set up your own WordPress site. Their business blog is straightforward and in layman’s terms so anyone can follow along. Their tutorials will get you set up on your WP site and show you how to optimize it for gaining new visitors. Visit their blog to find anything from the best themes for your site to customizing it.


One of the best places to learn finance is The Penny Hoarder. Learn to save money from the blog that shares unique job opportunities, personal stories and freebies. For performers, the section of the blog on side gigs includes ways to make extra income with your talent. You also might want to read the “working from home” section during pandemic to learn how to build a home-based business that earns you money from your skill.


This business blog provides posts that cover ecommerce, the gig economy, startups, tech, taxes, marketing and more. No matter what your small creative business is centered around, you can find answers to whatever questions you may have here.


Foundr is primarily focused on start-up founders, you may find their blog posts targeting entrepreneurs and growing businesses useful. With information around marketing, niche, productivity and leadership, they’re a go-to for any business owner. You may even love them so much that you decide to subscribe to their paid subscription of interviews with successful entrepreneurs.


I have been an avid fan of the Harvard Business Review magazine for quite some time. Their archive of material is deep. Get access to three online articles for free or register for a free account to access six articles per month. Get more with a subscription. Check them out to see if you love what they offer.


The Insights blog by Stanford Graduate School of Business offers many topics related to business from the classes taught at Stanford. Their posts center around information from experts and leaders. This blog is another good resource worth investigating.


This list wouldn’t be complete without including the IRS. We all must deal with the IRS and their blog covers what new business owners need to know about federal tax requirements. They cover everything from business startup checklists to taxes and whether you should operate as a hobby or a business.


CreativeLive’s blog provides insights and advice from experts who teach classes on their site. They offer much more than business topics. You can find information on branding, small business development and more. With their volume of posts, you’ll find something that fits your needs.


Mixergy offers interviews and courses with founders. These founders have created businesses around products, ecommerce, social media, marketplaces, SaaS companies and more. Andrew Warner is the host and he covers bootstrapping, sales, driving traffic, marketing and acquiring customers. The whole idea of Mixergy is for you to learn from mentors through interviews and courses.


Influencive is a business blog for influential minds. Influencive provides information on mindset, lifestyle, social media, branding, entrepreneurship, business development and more.


Best Growth Blogs


If you’re looking to learn more about Conversion Rate Optimization, then the OptinMonster CRO Blog is a great start. They provide practical lessons on how to increase your site’s conversions and grow. Their blog posts center around A/B testing, email marketing, growth tactics, lead generation and content marketing.


The Teachable platform is a place where anyone who has a skill or talent can create an online course and sell it. Their blog focuses on course development and growing your student enrollment. They teach everything from how to create content that converts visitors into students to content marketing,


Nir Eyal is a best selling author and entrepreneur who blogs about psychology, technology, and business. His blog is more on behavioral design. He blogs about life and business hacks alike.


We’ve touched on conversion optimization earlier, but what is it really. It’s the art of learning best practices that turn visitors, followers and leads into sales.

They give advice on conversion optimization, but they’re targeted at more advanced marketers.


The Daily Egg is a blog by Crazy Egg. They post webinars and content on website conversions. They cover content marketing, user experience, conversion optimization and landing page design for your website.


Best Marketing Blogs


Copyblogger has a large collection of trainings, books, webinars and seminars you can access if you join their community for free. Their blog is a premier content marketing blog that’ll help you develop your online marketing efforts.


We use Ahrefs here on Arts Row. Their SEO blog will help you improve your SEO by learning keyword research and marketing. Their in-depth content is a combination of posts from SEO experts, content marketing, and social media marketing. Learn about backlink checking tools, new SEO changes and more.


BuzzSumo’s content marketing blog covers:  Content Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Digital PR and Video Marketing. They look at content marketing lessons from all corners of the blog world. Read posts on creating converting content and how to get more engagement on your posts.


Sumo offers many free resources. Read their posts for good info on how to improve your marketing performance. They cover a variety of topics to help you improve your online marketing. The founder Noah Kagan likes to share his insights on the blog as well.


Neil Patel has been winning with his content, SEO and marketing tactics for years. He’s grown and changed to keep up with the times and is a highly renowned consultant to big companies in the content marketing space. Neil’s content focuses on analytics, marketing, and testing. HIs site has an enormous archive of in depth posts ranging from blogging to branding to optimization.


The Duct Tape Marketing business blog provides straight forward, easy to understand, frugal, small business marketing techniques. Their podcast also goes over ways you can boost your marketing.


Mailshake is another tool you can use for learning marketing skills. Mailshake shows you how to send cold emails that get opened, how to market your content and how to get guest posts.


Wistia is a video platform that teaches how to use video for business growth, sales and marketing. They’re a hosting tool for video production and marketing.


The Marketing Mentor blog is by consultant Ilise Benun. It is specifically designed for creative business owners. She teaches marketing, networking, and pricing topics that apply directly to creatives, marketers, and freelancers.


WordStream is all about improving your advertising results. They center most of their training around Google AdWords, copywriting, PPC (or price per click) provides online advertising software to help you gain better results from your advertising, with a real focus on PPC (price per click) advertising and content marketing.


Tim Soulo, from Ahrefs, is the founder of Blogger Jet. He shares what works in marketing for content and social media. One thing you’ll like about Tim is that he only writes about things he’s tried personally. Be prepared to go in depth with his posts, however, as they often reach upwards of 4,000 to 5,000 words.


SEMrush is an Ahrefs competitor. They’re a highly qualified site and they’ve developed a wonderful blog. They’re known for excellent SEO information. They write about SEO, content marketing, and PPC, but get ready to dive deep into their content as they leave no stone unturned.


ProBlogger is another content marketing top contender. They support bloggers worldwide teaching them how to improve their corner of the internet and at the same time build up their income.


Melyssa Griffin’s focus is on teaching small solopreneurs list-building, course creation, how to create webinars and marketing on Pinterest. Years ago, I followed Melyssa’s blog, The Nectar Collective, when it was a small site used as a creative outlet for Melyssa. Today, she’s grown it into a hub for those wanting to learn from her hands on experience as an entrepreneur.


Chris Brogan has a blog that teaches skills and strategies for marketing. Learn how to shine in business and in your life using Chris’ free resources, courses and coaching. He teaches how to make your brand more personal as well as networking skills.


Leadpages has been around for quite a while now. It is a landing page platform and their advice and tactics on converting visitors is worth your time. In addition to their posts, they provide info on how to best use their products. You’ll find useful information on the blog from how to write your sales copy to selling with stories.


Sleeknote uses email as the vehicle for converting into sales. The Sleeknote blog goes over how to get leads, conversion rate optimization and marketing with email from your art blog.


With Buffer, you’ll have the option of reading 3 different blogs — Buffer Open, Buffer Social, and Buffer Overflow. Buffer Overflow has educational content that reveals case studies in social media marketing, marketing in general and design.


If you’ve cruised around the internet at all the last decade, you may very well be familiar with Seth Godin. He’s a bestselling author and genius marketer who’s become famous for telling inspirational stories in only a few words. He’s known for NOT following conventional wisdom. For a broadening of the mind, check out Seth’s daily business blog which is sure to delight with topics like the spreading of ideas, leadership, marketing and more.


Your business as an artist typically doesn’t require the same kind of customer retention tactics as does a subscription based product. However, you do have customers and onboarding them, even if it’s for a single purchase, should be something you do well. Appcues can help you do just that. Their blog has tons of posts on exactly how to onboard new customers, which can be a real challenge. Let Appcues guide you on making your customers feel the happiest and most successful.


If you’re looking to do content marketing (which you are if you’re an artist) then Convince & Convert is a great place to be! Founded in 2008 by Jay Baer, this business education blog was named #1 content marketing blog in the world by Content Marketing Institute.

For info on affiliate marketing, customer experience, managing your community, digital marketing, social media and email, they’re worth checking out.


MarketingProfs provides real-world education for modern marketers. You can find a host of free tools, training, strategies, articles, online seminars, and discussion forums on their business blog. They cover a wide range of sales and marketing topics, including advertising basics, brand management, customer behavior, and public relations.


Quuu has taken a different approach to helping people market via their social media channels. Use their approved content on your social to engage your followers with GIFs and short content. Quuu also teaches how to leverage your social media with tools, marketing basics and building relationships.


G2 Crowd is mostly known as a review site, but they also have info on technology, marketing, productivity and design. There are guides, how-to articles, industry insights, and the best software lists. I say, check them out. You won’t be disappointed.


Dre is the gal who runs The Branded Solopreneur. She’s fierce, funny and unafraid to show you her true self. It has worked well in combination with her gift for marketing and turning your small biz into a branded powerhouse. I like her brash and bold personality. It’s real. It’s pure. Check her out if you vibe with that kind of approach. You might just find yourself learning a whole lot about getting your brand up and going with some kick-ass marketing. 

Best Sales Blogs


Grant is a bestselling author who focuses on working with small businesses. His gift is the sales process. I’ve personally taken his course and he knows everything “sales”. While he does offer a training program, his free content covers sales and customer service related topics in depth.


We personally recommend HubSpot. They’re an industry go-to.  is a high-profile inbound marketing company. Read any one of their 3 business blogs on marketing, sales, and customer success. They provide extensive coverage on topics from every imaginable aspect. You have to see it to believe it. Check out their in depth archive of posts.


John Barrows provides sales training for people just like you who are running a small business that sells. He focuses on problems and how to improve them. His podcast addresses tactics such as humor, positive impact and the importance of curiosity in selling. You may need to sift through his content to find something that applies to you as a creative, but I’ve added it to the list because he knows his stuff.


Jill Konrath is on the list because sales is essential for creatives as much as it is for other business models. Jill’s business blog is syndicated on many publications. She advises people who sell on prospecting, working smarter, making deals and mindset.


The Close business blog is the place to go to get in-depth videos, tutorials, guides and case studies of sales strategies that we feel are among the best. Their techniques, templates and tips fit so many different sales situations. Get actionable advice from 60-second videos on sales.


LeadFuze is a lead-generation software platform. Their business blog publishes weekly posts, covering topics related to lead-generation strategies, sales skills, and sales terminology. LeadFuze also produces a podcast where the hosts interview successful salespeople.


The LinkedIn Sales Solutions Blog deserves to be on the list because LinkedIn is the largest business social network in the world. I always recommend that artists get on LinkedIn, so their blog is something to consider as well. Their sales strategies and social selling techniques are helpful to say the least. You’ll find that they mainly center their topics around social selling sales trends.


As a strategy company, SBI, offers consulting that you may think doesn’t apply to you. However, they’ve broken down their process into 5 categories (most of which DOES apply to you): corporate strategy, product strategy, pricing strategy, marketing strategy and sales strategy. They’re worth a look.


Marcus Sheridan has one main goal – helping you become the best communicator in the world. He works with HubSpot and his blog features content on teaching and communicating in today’s digital world. He has both podcasts and posts relating to video marketing, sales and communicating.


Best Website Building Blogs


Squarespace was built to help creative ideas stand out and have space to succeed. They help small brands stand out and conduct transactions with customers. Whether you use their product to build your own website or not, their blog is packed with helpful information on designing and launching your own. Their blog provides “stories and solutions for the modern entrepreneur.”


The Website Set Up site offers clear, step-by-step tutorials on all things needed to set up your website. Learn how to set up a wordpress site with their guidance. Also learn how to start a blog, how to register a domain name and how to create an online store. If you use their sitemap, you can filter their tutorials by beginner and intermediate as well as by cheatsheets, tools, comparisons and more.


Get website building how to’s on the Wix blog as well as tons of great info for design, small business in general and marketing. Under the “resources” tab you can even go to their other blogs-partners, ecommerce, photography, writing and creative blogs.


WPBeginner is an excellent resource if you’re building a wordpress site. We’ve used their tutorials to learn many things over the years and they never fail to come through with easy, step-by-step instructions that take the difficulty out of the process.


Best Freelancer Blogs


Freelancer’s Union blog focuses on all topics related to freelancers. Recent posts include how to stay ahead of your taxes as a freelancer, how to be a better writer, and tips for working with clients.


The Sparkline is Fizzle’s blog is written for independent creatives, makers, artists, hackers, bloggers, and internet entrepreneurs who want to know how to run an independent business. They publish every Tuesday on creation, marketing, product making, social media. They also produce a weekly podcast on similar issues.


Millo for the huge collection of podcasts, blog posts, guides and newsletter. They have hundreds of articles for creatives and freelancers on how to work full-time, finding clients, and using contracts..


CareerFoundry provides online mentoring courses in UX Design, UX Fundamentals, UI Design, Web Development, and iOS Development to help people transform their careers. Their blog focuses on these topics as well as career changes. Recent posts cover topics like UI design principles, gauging your local market’s demand for app developers, and how to become a web developer.


The Just Creative site is run by Jacob who has spoken at TEDx and has had many features with companies such as Entrepreneur and Forbes. He has been hired by clients like Nike and Disney. Jacob has over 16 years of experience and multiple awards. It’s worth checking out the Just Creative Blog. 


The New York-based tech company, Contently, runs three blogs. The Freelancer is a blog that teaches about everything freelancing.

Contently.net is specifically for creative freelancers.


Adobe has a blog called 99U that is written specifically for the creative community. They interview creative leaders and write posts on other career choices, collaboration and the creative process.


Holly Reisem Hanna is the founder of this blog. She designed it for women who were looking to work at home.  For artists and creatives running their own home-based businesses, this is a great go-to. Her writings are on blogging, self-development, freelancing and more.

Best Finance Blogs


Mr. Money Mustache was started by Peter Adeney is a top visited site with tons of great information on numerous ways you can save money. They have a large following and have been Forbes, CNNMoney, Huffington Post and many more. Both Peter and his wife live a lifestyle more than 50% less expensive than their peers. Find out how on The Mr. Money Mustache blog where Peter shows how you can live a frugal lifestyle.


When running your own business, often your finances for budgeting come from your personal funds. Learning to plan, save and budget for your business is a learning curve. The blog Grow by the website Acorns aims to give practical guidance to transform your finances. In their business blog YOU’LL GET WHAT THEY CALL MONEY 101.


Kabbage provides business loans and lines of credit. Their business blog covers a wide range of topics across a variety of verticals, with a heavy focus on financial education for small-business owners. Recent posts cover payroll tools for construction-business owners, how to thrive in business as an introvert, and the essentials of creating an online store.


SoFi is a financial services company with established lending and wealth management tools. Their business blog focuses on financial topics for millennials in categories like career advancement, money management, creating your dream lifestyle, and more.

Typical recent posts break down success stories of how their customers have used SoFi products to get out of debt, breakdowns of which insurance you’ll need at different stages of your life, and how to boost your credit score.


NerdWallet offers financial tools and advice on getting out of debt, calculating mortgage payments, making sure you’re on track to retire, and much more. Their business blog also provides readers with a free credit score. They primarily cover personal finance topics with an emphasis on managing credit cards, investments, loans, and insurance.


Pat Flynn is the founder of Smart Passive Income. He’s built quite the following online teaching his own proven strategies for running and optimizing an online business and growing a stream of passive income.

He teaches bloggers and entrepreneurs how to use a variety of formats to grow profits from blogging and podcasting to writing and teaching.


Making Sense of Cents is a blog about money by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner. She blogs about personal finance, lifestyle and business. She teaches how to save and make money as well as how to pay off your debt.


Mike Michalowicz is an author and entrepreneur. He wrote Profit First, a book that has helped transform thousands of entrepreneurial businesses. He uses a simple framework to help you understand and manage your spending and your savings. Check out his no nonsense blog for great stuff.


Well, hopefully you can use this long list as a reference for the months to come as you grow your business. Bookmark this page for easy access any time. For more resources, hop over to our tools page.

Paula M. Soito
Paula M. Soito

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She is the founder and CEO of Arts Row, Inc. and and an international arts industry writer for Art Market Magazine distributed to Barnes & Noble and universities worldwide.

Paula was recognized as a “top 100 entrepreneur” for Mastermind.com and awarded the partner Impact Award by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson. 


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